Caged birds: Cut throat

Caged birds: Cut throat

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Systematic classification and general information

Class: Birds
Order: Passeriformi
Family: waxbills
Kind: Amadina
Species: A. bandaged Gmelin, 1789

The "Gola Tagliata" are part of the large group of African Estrildidi. There are several subspecies that are found in the territory that includes Senegal, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa. Its range is very large. Its ideal habitat is the savannah, with sporadic trees and bushes. They can also be seen in city areas and cultivated fields.
Considered by many, one of the most beautiful and fascinating small exotic birds in the world.

Male subject of Gola Tagliata - Amadina fasciata (photo

Cut Throat Pair - Amadina fasciata (photo


Small exotic bird about 12 cm long. As the name implies, the characteristic that makes it unique is the particular red band that presents the male subjects around the neck, which gives the impression of a real cut, hence the name "Gola Tagliata". Its general appearance is robust. The predominant color of the rest of the body is brownish-gray. It has dark patters on all the pens, which allow a marbled effect. The plumage is lighter on the throat and also on the belly. The tail is darker. Its beak is conical in shape, very squat and strong. In captivity, several color mutations were selected, including lisabella, brown, lalbino, lopale, and pastel. As already mentioned, the sexual dimorphism in this species is very evident, as the females do not show any red mark under the throat.


It is not among the easiest estrildidi to be reproduced, but if well housed and providing the right diet, excellent results can be obtained. It must be taken into account that these exotics need temperatures not lower than 20 degrees, therefore it is advisable to house the pair (s) in a closed room. Being very territorial birds, to avoid conflicts, it is good practice to keep divided couple by couple, so as not to find themselves in unpleasant accidents. The nest to be used is the box one, but a spherical nest is also fine. To stuff the nest they use all kinds of fibers, including coconut fibers or hay threads, jute, and even feathers. In freedom they build a rough oval nest, consisting of twigs, plant stems, which is located in a hollow of a tree.
The female lays four to six eggs, which she hatches for about thirteen days. The nestlings come to feather off at about thirty days of age. The right diet to be administered is the classic mix of exotics, with the addition of an extra millet. When they are in reproduction it is always necessary to provide them with germinated seeds, food supplemented with food of animal origin, and also live prey, such as moth of the flour. In nature they feed on seeds of graminaceous plants, fruits, shoots, but also insects and larvae, so it is wrong to say that it is a granivorous bird, even if the seeds make up the majority of its diet. In its natural state, the period of reproduction almost always coincides with the rainy season. When they are not in reproduction, in nature, they gather in large starlings of hundreds of individuals who stop to feed in cultivated areas.
The Gola Tagliata is one of the most loved and most bred estrildidi. At ornithological exhibitions this little bird is almost always present, even if never in large numbers. To admire both the ancestral version and the various mutations, one must visit one of the specialist exhibitions of exotic birds that are organized every year, also in Italy, by the various specialization clubs.

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