Horse breeds: Selle Francais

Horse breeds: Selle Francais

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Origins and attitudes

French breed, descended from the old Anglo-Norman in its most modern version, powerful but agile even if not very fast. Since 1950, with the opening of the Stud Book of the new breed (which has gradually replaced the Anglo-Norman as a sport horse), a careful selection has been pursued which has led to fixing the characters of the breed and to give, at the end of the 70s, stallions of high quality used as breeding animals together with thoroughbreds and Anglo-Arabs.
Today it is considered an excellent jumping horse, with a well-fixed and widespread morphological construction all over the world.
The medium type (in the three versions) is an excellent jumping horse, in the heavy type it is an excellent country horse as well as a good jumper. Also used in equestrian tourism.

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Main coats: bay, chestnut and, more rarely, gray.
Height at the withers: from 155 to 180 cm.
Weight: 450 - 600 kg.
With a powerful and compact physique, it comes in two medium types (with the small, medium and large version) and heavy (with the small and large version) according to the power generated and therefore the ability to withstand more or less heavy riders. (the general structure is however the same).
Beautiful head with straight profile, long ears.
Straight back-lumbar line, wide thorax.
Solid limbs, short and thin shins. Well shaped, solid and hard foot.
Quiet but energetic, of good temperament and capable of great efforts.

Selle Français (photo

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