Horse breeds: Sanfratellano

Horse breeds: Sanfratellano

Origins and attitudes

The Sanfratellano dei Nebrodi horse (or breed of San Fratello) is an Italian breed native to the Messina area (Sicily).
Majestic and rustic, docile and proud, the Sanfratellano horse has been the undisputed master of the Nebrodi mountains for centuries. Its origins are lost in the mists of time, where history and legend merge, thus increasing its irrefutable charm. The story wants to derive its origins directly from the Sicilian horses (equus sicanus) famosinellantichità and mentioned by the Greeks and Romans. But most believe that they descend from the horses that the Lombards had left in the wake of Queen Adelaide of CasaleMonferrato, the third wife of Roger I, who remained in old San Filadelfio, today San Fratello from which the name also originates. This horse has lived free and wild in San Fratello's neiboschi, enduring the long and harsh winters and the hot and sunny states, getting by with what little nature offered him, this has caused a natural selection of the species, allowing only the strongest animals and healthy to survive and reproduce. Beauty, sturdiness and adaptability soon attracted the interest of enthusiasts and scholars, who, thanks also to the serious and fruitful work of the breeders with the precious collaboration of the Horse Racing Incremental Institute of Catania, favored various crossings with the Arabian and Maremma horses that have allowed to obtain a splendid animal from the point of view of morphology, resistant to fatigue and adaptable to different attitudes. Characteristic features of our specimens are uniformly colored coat in the varieties brown, bay and bay brown. Today the Sanfratellan horse is successfully engaged in trekking, sports and hippotherapy. Much loved for its beauty, its proud spirit and great adaptability. For years, breeders have been hoping for official recognition of the breed but to this day, it still appears to be a mirage.
Robust and frugal.
Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
National Association of Sanfratellano Horse Breeders:

Breed standard - Sanfratellano

1) AREA OF ORIGIN: northern slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains (Sicily Region).

2) ATTITUDE: saddle and light shooting;

a) coat: dark bay, blackberry.
b) conformation:
- head: profile tending to the straight, even if at times sheepish; few white hairs are tolerated;
- neck: generally short and straight, with abundant mane
- shoulder: muscular, with good inclination, sometimes short
- withers: rightly pronounced
- back: of correct proportions, it may have a slight saddle in relation to the type of breeding
- loins: wide and well attached to the rump
- rump: well developed, muscular and of correct inclination
- chest: of the right size
- thorax: generally broad, deep, in harmony with the other regions
- limbs: remarkable skeletal and muscular development, with right arm length and inclination, proportionate forearm, sturdy shin with evident tendons
- joints: knee and hock thick and wide, with the right opening, free from other hard and soft ones
- gaits: normal;
- appiombi: normal and regular;
- foot: proportionate and solid.
c) temperament: good neurility, fairly docile;
d) other characteristics: rustic, frugal, resistant to adverse climatic conditions, suitable for the exploitation of marginal areas.

4) BIOMETRIC DATA (expressed in cm):

Withers Height:
- Males: 152 cm
- Females: 150 cm
Minimum chest circumference:
- Males: 175 cm
- Females: 173 cm
Shank circumference:
- Males: 19 cm
- Females: 19 cm

- Coat: different from bay or morello,
- Balzane: presence also in traces;
- Head: few white hairs on the forehead tolerated.
- Size: markedly different from the standard.

Sanfratellano horse

Ascanio, Sanfratellano horse (photo

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