Horse breeds: Gelderlander

Horse breeds: Gelderlander

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Origins and attitudes

Horse from Holland. It comes from the crossing of indigenous mares (Gelderland) with Andalusian, Napolitani, Norman and Norfolk-Roadster stallions; in the 19th century the breed benefited from Anglo-Norman, Oldenburg and Hackney blood intakes. Today we tend to use it in crossbreeds with other saddle horses (in particular English Thoroughbred) to enhance the qualities of a sport horse.
Saddle horse and light shooting, currently used in tourism and equestrian sports (agile and good jumper).

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Coat: chestnut, bay, morello, gray; frequent white markings.
Height at the withers: 155 - 165 cm.
Average weight: 500 - 600 kg.
Docile, reliable and energetic character.

Gelderländer (photo

Gelderländer (photo Xocolatl)

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