Leporidae: Sylvilagus mansuetus

Leporidae: Sylvilagus mansuetus

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San Josè bush rabbit - Sylvilagus mansuetus

Class: Mammals
Order: Lagomorfi
Family: Leporidae
Genus: Sylvilagus
Species: S. mansuetus

Area of ​​origin: Mexico

The San Josè bush rabbit is a species of cottontail endemic to the island of the same name, located off the coast of Baja California sur in Mexico.
Originating from an insular population of bush rabbits - Sylvilagus bachmani (to which it resembles a lot) feeds on cacti of the arid soils of the small island (170 sq km).
Although it is quite widespread, it has not yet been studied extensively.
It has a very short hair, the upper part of the head and the back are yellowish gray with black shades.
The hips are lighter and grayer than the back, the gray ears and the light ocher neck.
The front legs are ocher and in the lower part dirty white.
The hind legs are brown tinged with black with white tips.
The belly is white.

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San Josè bush rabbit - Sylvilagus mansuetus (photo

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