Rabbits: Satin

Rabbits: Satin

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Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: SPECIAL HAIR STRUCTURE BREED CATEGORY.
Weight: 3.0 - 3.5 kg.

The Satin breed is characterized by a particularly shiny coat, the result of a mutation (appearance in the United States in a Havana breed rabbit around 1940) that has altered the structure of the hair making it very thin.
It is distinguished by the balanced shape of the body. The hair is thick and soft with a length of 2.5-3 cm. The fineness of the fur must be clearly evident. The shine of the fur appears strongly brilliant
The Italian Standard admits ivory colors with red or blue eyes, black, blue, brown, fairy, beaver, lynx, havana, tawny chinchilla, red, marten (blue, brown and Siamese yellow) and silver. This breed is used to introduce the satin character into other breeds.

Serious defects

Strongly coarse fur; lack of brilliance; totally fluffy fur.

Male and female rabbit of the Satin breed (photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Farmers ANCI)

Male rabbit breed Satin Red coloring (photo website)

The Dwarf Rabbit - Website necklace
Cristiano Papeschi - The Sextante
All aspects related to his presence in the home are treated clearly and sympathetically, from hospitalization to feeding, from coexistence with other animals to daily care, from reproduction to his health.
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