Rabbits: Spotted English

Rabbits: Spotted English

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Spotted English (English Spot - Papillon anglais)

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: LIGHT BREEDS CATEGORY.
Weight: 2.5 - 3.0 kg.

This breed was selected in England in the late nineteenth century. It differs from the Giant Pezzata for the distribution of the spots on the sides which form a kind of chain of small colored points that starting from the nape cross the sides obliquely to end up in larger spots on the thighs.
The background color is pure white. The following stains are admitted: black, blue, madagascar, fawn and havana. The color of the eyes corresponds to the color of the drawing.
Light breed with good bearing, elegant and lively in the general expression. The fur is thick in the wad and fine in the jar. The hair is not too long (2.5 cm). The nails are colorless.

Serious defects

White tip on the nose; incomplete or closed butterfly on the lower jaw; connection of single drawings; eel interruption; less than two chains per side and less than three colored points per chain wire; lack of one or more drawings; tufts or many white hairs in the designs.

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All aspects related to his presence in the home are treated clearly and sympathetically, from hospitalization to feeding, from coexistence with other animals to daily care, from reproduction to his health.
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