Fruit trees: Kumquat

Fruit trees: Kumquat

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Round Kumquat - Fortunella japonica (Thumb.) Swing

Round Kumquat (Fortunella japonica) is a citrus probably originating in Japan. Very similar to Fortunella margarita (oval Kumquat) but with smaller leaves, lighter and with marked veins, and with rounded fruits. There is also a variegated variety called Sun Stripe.

Round kumquat (Fortunella japonica) - Oval kumquat (Fortunella margarita)

Oval Kumquat - Fortunella margarita (Lour.) Swing

The oval Kumquat (Fortunella margarita), of very ancient origins, comes from southern China.
It forms small bushy and compact plants, with somewhat thorny branches. The leaves are lanceolate, glossy dark green above and lighter below.
The flowers, which appear mainly in summer, are single or gathered in small inflorescences. The fruits are small, oval and with an orange peel, smooth and rich in essential oils; the pulp is acidic. The fruits are eaten whole.

Oval Kumquat - Fortunella margarita (photo website)

Hong Kong Kumquat - Fortunella hindsi

Hong Kong Kumquat (Fortunella hindsi) originates from China. It is a small plant with thorny twigs. The leaves, tapered at both ends, are ovate-elliptical, shiny dark green above and lighter below. The petioles are winged, almost merging with the blade. The flowers, single, white, never open completely. The small fruits (1.5 cm in diameter) are globular and have a smooth, rind skin.

Cultivation techniques

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