Goat breeds: Stiefelgeiss

Goat breeds: Stiefelgeiss

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Origin and diffusion

Origin: Switzerland

The Stiefelgeiss goat, also known as goat in boots because of the darker color of the legs, is an indigenous mountain goat. This breed is found in the mountainous regions of St. Gallen and in the Glarus region in Switzerland. Until the 1920s, the number of these goats was stable. It began to decline sharply shortly afterwards, almost reaching extinction in the 1980s. In 2011, only 600 animals were registered.

Morphological and productive characteristics

The color of the fleece varies from bright gray-brown to dark red-brown; both males and females are equipped with horns. Stiefelgeiss goats usually have a long mane all along their back, called mänteli. The color of this mane is different from the rest of the fleece and can be lighter or darker.

Robust and lively character. It is mainly used for meat production and has good maternal skills.

Average height:
- Male: 75-85 cm
- Female: 67-77 cm

Medium weight:
- Male: 60-80 kg
- Female: 35-50 kg

Stiefelgeiss goat (photo

Stiefelgeiss goat

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