Breeds of dogs: Sabueso Espanol

Breeds of dogs: Sabueso Espanol

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Spain.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

The Sabueso Espanol (Chien courant espagnol - Spanischer Laufhund - Spanish hound) is described in the "Hunting Book" of King Alfonso XI (14th century) and also in numerous other works. Already known in the Middle Ages. Not very known in Italy, while in his country it is very popular and widespread.

General aspect

Medium sized dog, well proportioned and long-limbed. Typical Hound. He has a beautiful head and long ears.


Known as a hunting dog for small game. In some areas it is also used for large game, such as wild boar, roe deer, deer. Also used for bears and wolves, obviously in wetsuits. This dog combines great courage with great hunting skills. It can also follow blood trails without difficulty. He is also very good at hare hunting. Also considered a splendid companion dog. It is sweet, clean, peaceful and affectionate. Rustic and robust dog. It can also live at home. It requires a lot of exercise. We must be careful not to make him too fat, because obesity brings big problems in this type of dog.

Sabueso Español (photo

Sabueso Español


- males between 52 and 57 cm
- females between 48 and 53 cm.

Trunk: well proportioned. The development of the thoracic perimeter and the length of the body are considerably greater (7-10 cm) at the height at the withers.
Head and muzzle: it is long but harmonious, proportionate to the body.
Truffle: with wide open nostrils, dark in color.
Teeth: complete and correct teeth. The closure is scissor. The jaws are strong, robust.
Neck: well inserted.
Ears: they are large, long and drooping; rectangular in shape, they have rounded tips and hang freely "corkscrew"; without pulling them, they must largely overcome the truffle.
Eyes: they are almond-shaped, dark hazel colored; sad, dignified, very intelligent look.
Limbs: robust, with compact bone structure.
Shoulder: with excellent inclination.
Tail: inserted at medium height, it is very large at the root; lowered it exceeds the hock.
Skin: very soft and elastic.
Hair: short, thin, thick.
Allowed colors: white and orange, with a predominance of one or the other, distributed in irregular spots with well-defined contours and without musketing. Orange can vary from lighter shades (lemon) to deep brown-red.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, limbs not perpendicular, defective rear end, incorrect gait, atypical head, narrow muzzle, depigmented truffle, short hair, colors on allowed by the standard, light eyes, badly worn ears, non-standard sizes, obesity, shy / fearful character.

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