Breeds of dogs: Kishu

Breeds of dogs: Kishu

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Japan.
F.C.I classification: Group 5 - spitz and primitive type dogs.

Kishu Inu is an ancient dog breed; it was established in the Kishu region, a mountainous region of Japan, prefectures of Mie and Wakayama. This particular breed was declared a "National Monument" in 1934. It is practically known only in Japan. Its spread outside the country of origin is very low. At its origin its coat had red and sesame streaked or streaked spots, however starting from 1934 only single-colored coats were allowed; after 1945 the coat stains disappeared completely.

General aspect

Medium sized dog, very well proportioned, with a very well developed musculature.


Still today it is used in hunting wild boar, but in the past it was also used for hunting deer. He is a very resistant and dignified dog. Very attached to the owner, awake and very docile. It is also widely used as a companion dog.

Kishu Inu (photo

Kishu Inu (photo

Kishu Inu (photo


- Males: 52 cm
- Females: 46 cm
There is a tolerance of 3 cm more or less.

Trunk: compact, robust constitution, with good bone structure.
Head and muzzle: typical oriental dog head.
Truffle: black in color.
Eyes: they are relatively small, almost triangular in shape, well spaced, dark brown in color.
Ears: they are small, triangular, slightly inclined forward and firmly straight.
Limbs: perfectly straight and with excellent musculature especially in the hind limbs.
Tail: attached high, thick, strongly rolled up or carried on the back in the shape of a sickle; when lowered it almost reaches the height of the hock.
Hair: formed by rough and straight covering hair and sweet and dense undercoat; on the cheeks and the tail the hair is passably long.
Allowed colors: white, red and sesame (tawny red hair with black tips).
Most common defects: non-standard measures, incorrect gait, limbs not perpendicular, atypical head, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, colors not allowed by the official standard, clear truffle, light eye, non-triangular eye, badly worn tail, shyness.

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