Dog breeds: Japanese Chin - Japanese Spaniel

Dog breeds: Japanese Chin - Japanese Spaniel

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Japan.
F.C.I classification: Group 9 - companion dogs.

Some scholars have speculated that the most remote origins of the Japanese Chin (Epagneul japonais - Japanese Spaniel) are actually Chinese. It most likely derives from crosses between "Tibetan Spaniels" and small Chinese dogs, including the "Pekingese". There is another theory that would make the breed derive from Korea.

General aspect

Small dog, covered with abundant fur which gives it an aspect of great elegance and distinction. Typical of the breed is the so-called "dance of the tides", which consists in making evolutions and rapid turns on itself.


Very docile canine, very fond of its owner and family. Extremely intelligent dog. Lover of children. It is considered exclusively a companion dog. His sympathy is unique. He is very playful and cheerful. Perfect canine for life in the home or apartment. In spite of the apparent delicacy, it is a very robust dog. There may be some problems in childbirth.

Japanese Chin (website photo)

Japanese Chin (website photo)


Height: around 25 cm (male), but the smaller the subject, the more appreciated it is.

Trunk: of elegance and distinction. Well proportioned. Wide and deep thorax, with moderately circled ribs. Short and straight back.
Head and muzzle: relatively large, with large skull and rounded forward. Stop well marked. Very short nasal bridge.
Truffle: wide, black or brown depending on the coat.
Teeth: the jaw should not show deviations.
Neck: well proportioned and of moderate length.
Ears: they are small, V-shaped, garnished with long hair; they fall adhering to the lateral walls of the skull.
Eyes: they are very large (as in all breeds affected by dwarfism), round, well spaced, prominent but without excess, dark and very expressive.
Limbs: they are straight, thin, with long hair.
Shoulder: with right inclination.
Tail: hanging on the back, well trimmed with slightly raised fur.
Hair: with the exception of the head, the whole body is covered with abundant fur.
Allowed colors: white with black or red spots.
Most common defects: deviated jaw, colors not allowed by the standard, non-standard measures, dog high on the limbs, insufficient musculature, depigmented truffle, badly worn tail, smooth hair, twisted limbs, small eyes, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, character too shy or fearful, well nasal cane visible, atypical, narrow skull, incorrect movement.

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