Breeds of dogs: Bobtail

Breeds of dogs: Bobtail

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 1 - shepherd dogs and cattle dogs (excluding Swiss cattle dogs).

The origins of the Bobtail are not yet well known, but many experts say that it derives from shepherd dogs very similar to this breed, who lived many centuries ago in England. Their area of ​​origin is believed to coincide with the County of Devon and also with the Highlands of Scotland; this would explain its rusticity and abundance of fur, given the severe climatic conditions in these areas. It cannot be considered a completely indigenous dog, since some similarities have been found in its morphological aspects with the "Shepherds of Russia" and with the Asian herd dogs. There are also those who argue that among its ancestors there are also the "Mastiffs", imported by the Roman colonizers to the English islands. The Bobtail debuted for the first time at a dog show in Birmingham in 1873, but without success. In 1888 the first club was founded, and the breed became popular, especially in the United States. Its name "Bobtail" means "short tail".

General aspect

Compact-looking, mesomorphic mesocephalic dog. It is not high on the limbs and is very well covered with fur throughout the body. He is a stocky, robust and muscular dog. His expression expresses intelligence. His head is very particular, because he has the fur that comes to cover the eyes.


The Bobtail is a breed that wins over many people, because of its particular appearance. It is a dog that possesses great qualities of affection. He is very cheerful and intelligent. Very docile with children and with people he knows. Do not underestimate also his ability to be a fearsome watchdog, which does not give escape to intruders in its territory. Used a lot, in different countries, for its ancient task of supervising the flock and guiding it together with the shepherd. Very obedient and easily trainable.

Bobtail (photo

Bobtail (photo

Bobtail (photo


- males from 56 cm and over
- females a little lower than males
Weight: 30-40 kg

Trunk: quite compact. Built in the square, with a large and deep chest and a gently arched and very vigorous kidney.
Head and muzzle: with large, square-shaped skull, well rounded and completely covered with fur. The muzzle must be long enough, strong, square and trunk. The stop was well accentuated.
Truffle: always black in color; it must be large and voluminous.
Teeth: regularly aligned, complete in number and development.
Neck: quite long, arched and completely covered with fur.
Skin: adhering to the body in all its parts.
Eyes: must be dark or gazzuoli.
Ears: small and flat on the sides of the head. Covered with fur.
Limbs: well upright, with good bone. They must not be of excessive length. Completely covered with fur. They must have good muscle.
Shoulder: oblique and narrow to the tips. The dog is shorter in the shoulders than in the kidney.
Musculature: well developed in all parts of the body.
Tail: well proportioned to the body.
Proportions: construction in the square.
Allowed colors: shades of gray, graying, blue, with or without white patches.
Most common defects: long and narrow head, lack of premolars, non-standard measures, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, incorrect angles, incorrect head, not straight appiombi, long foot, not abundant hair, non-standard colors, elongated trunk, light eye.

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