Atlas of the Canaries breeds

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This section is dedicated to the breeding of canaries. Federico Vinattieri, a passionate breeder of canaries, collaborated in its realization.

Atlas of the main breeds of canaries

We have collected the main breeds of canaries (singing, smooth, curled, English and colored) in an easy-to-read atlas (cards with images). Click on the menu and select the desired breed of canaries.

Information to mariners

Wild canary, or ancestral (Serinus canarius) which has its origin in the island of Madeira and the Canary Islands, is a small bird on 13 cm. Due to its very graceful forms, bel canto, its docile nature and prolificity, the Canary soon became an object of commerce almost everywhere on the continent. Many breeds are bred, which are distinguished by their melodious and unparalleled song, the thousand colors and the incredible nuances of the plumage and the unusual appearance. For canaries, as for many other birds, singing is a peculiarity of the male while the female is limited to simple chirps.
In the section in the forum dedicated to small cage and aviary birds you can find many tips for daily care and feeding, as well as information on reproduction, hovering, breeding of young. Here it is possible to consult the illustrated cards of the main species of Exotic birds, distinguished in Estrildidi and Finches, with systematic classification, morphological characteristics and breeding of each single species.

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