Donkey breeds: Poitou donkey

Donkey breeds: Poitou donkey

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Origins and attitudes

French donkey breed bred in the Deux Sevres department in western France. And among the most famous donkey breeds, appreciated above all for the production of mules of good size, harmonious, robust and resistant. Poitou donkeys have been exported to many European and American countries, to improve the local donkey breeds and for the production of mules. It is the oldest officially recognized breed: the Stud-book was created in 1884.
The very lymphatic temperament does not make it suitable for work; not much appreciated as a beef animal. Its ideal use is the production of the mule.

Morphological characters

Its outward appearance is unique because of the long fur which, if not regularly groomed, collects in thick and hanging bioccoli.
Of considerable stature (1.40-1.50 m), it has a heavy head, large and fringed ears of a fringe of long hair, straight back-lumbar line, well-shaped trunk, solid limbs with high and narrow hooves, cloak of black or brownish color with the lower part of the trunk and the head greyish.
The average weight varies from 350 to 450 kg.

Poitou donkey (

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