Donkey breeds: Norman donkey

Donkey breeds: Norman donkey

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Origins and attitudes

French breed originating in Normandy. In 1993 the Norman Donkey Association was founded in Cherisay (Department of Sarthe) with the aim of safeguarding the breed and promoting its breeding.
In 1999 there were almost 300 leaders recognized by the Association.

Morphological characters

The coat must be bay or brown bay, with a mule line, with or without stripes on the legs. Gray coloring is not allowed by the standard. The belly and the inner part of the thighs are white gray.
Head with a straight profile, well attached on the neck, the color of the coat up to half, gray underneath. The inner part of the ears is clear.
Lively eye surrounded by white-gray. Sturdy neck with straight or falling mane. Solid limbs, well shaped.
Average height:
- male: minimum 120 cm
- female: minimum 115 cm

Norman donkey (photo Rustica Christian Hochet

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