Japanese beetles fruit trees extension edu

Japanese beetles fruit trees extension edu

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Japanese beetles fruit trees extension edu

Beetles – An important part of the ecosystem

The Beets Bugs are responsible for much of the damage to the fruit.

I've had a hard time finding a web site that can tell me why they are so destructive to fruit trees. I have one big problem, if I get rid of them, what do I replace them with? Most folks use sprays, but it seems like it does not really work as well as they claim. Any advice would be appreciated.

Beetle pests can cause severe damage to trees and plants. They include:

Beetle Larvae

Red Flannel Moth (Xylocopa violacea)

Sawyer's Carpet Beetle (Griphodes alni)

Green Jewel Beetle (Platypterygus progne)

Red-striped Carpet Beetle (Griphodes sexmaculata)

Fringed Carpet Beetle

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