Garden plant label printer

Garden plant label printer

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Garden plant label printer

The garden plant label printer is an agricultural piece of equipment designed to assist farmers and agricultural organisations (such as the Crop Research and Development Corporation) to create, distribute, and track their crops and plant breeding. This is usually done via the use of barcode labels, which contain information about the crop.

The printer receives a number of types of electronic files, each file is designed to have a number of barcode labels which are stored within it. These files are typically saved in CSV or XML format. The files are then read by the printer to determine where each label is, where each label should be printed and printed.



The first of these, the "Garden Plant Label Printer" is a product of the Crop Research and Development Corporation.

The original concept of a barcode was patented in 1963 by James Goodnight and John Vincent Atlee of AT&,T Bell Laboratories in the United States. They named the proposed system 'Metric System for Identification and Numeric Representation' or the 'System in the Metric and English Language'. Later barcode patents are credited to various inventors. However, Goodnight and Atlee hold the distinction of having first used the term 'barcode' and created the barcode system with the invention of the scanning machine that would come to be known as the "bar code reader".

Garden plant printer

The original Garden Plant Label Printer was created by the Crop Research and Development Corporation. The Crop Research and Development Corporation was created by the Australian Government in 1982 to ensure better research and development of vegetables, fruits and cereals in Australia.It is the largest R&,D and agricultural development centre in the world and the centre operates the Australia Institute for Innovative Agricultural Research.

The project was initiated by the Crop Research and Development Corporation to provide farmers with the ability to track their crops and to identify problems they may be having with their plants. The printer used the barcodes that the Crop Research and Development Corporation had developed as a way to monitor the progress of the food crops in Australia. A total of 11 million Crop Research and Development Corporation barcodes are located on plants within Australia. The original system was developed to be able to read the data on the labels. The system was used in 1994 to track the Australian food supply. The use of the system was extended to other commodities.

Crop Research and Development Corporation has developed a number of different technologies and software tools for the tracking of plants. They have also developed barcode readers, GPS based scanners and an online inventory system.

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