Fruit opf the poisnous tree

Fruit opf the poisnous tree

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Fruit opf the poisnous tree that gives to us the

knowledge of God, whose food is the water of life!


saying, like all the other sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the expression

of a new thought in nature and in the life of man. What a new nature! Christ is

teaching his disciples about the new humanity who live in him, and what a new

life he gives us through his words and works. Through his teaching of words, the

man from Nazareth is teaching us about the life of nature, that is, about nature

as such, for he is a true teacher, the teacher of nature, of that which is in

nature, and about that which is in man.

Christ is saying about the nature of fruit. In order to

understand his words, we must know something about the trees, fruit-bearing

trees in particular, and the nature of fruit.

The tree itself is a symbol of the nature of man,

because when the tree gives fruit it is not doing this for any other cause, but

for the same reason that man gives fruit. God does not create man for the

purpose of taking fruit from him, but to create man in the image of God, in the

likeness of God, and to send him to his children in order to give them fruits.

Because we are made in the image of God, and we are called "the image of

God", that means that we are like God. For, what do we know as nature? We know

the universe and the living things in it. And what does God tell us about

living things in the beginning? That He made them after His own image. When He

made man He gave him dominion over living things, over the entire creation, and

to create man He made him like Himself.

The tree is a symbol of the nature of man. Like the

trees, we are made to give fruit. But we are not made to give the fruit for the

purpose of being appreciated. Rather, we are given to give the fruit in order

that the fruits of our lives may cause a fruit to the tree which is made to

receive our fruits. Because of our being like God, when we give fruit,

according to God's will, it becomes a cause for fruit-giving in the tree. Man

has received his nature from God, that of fruit-giving. He does not give

fruit-giving because He likes it, but because He is like God, and because we are

made in His image, that is, we are created like God, that He may give His

children a fruit-giving nature. God does not create us for any other purpose

than this. When the seed is planted in the ground, all kinds of fruit may come

forth, but there is nothing which should make man to be happy, there is no

reason for a man to be glad that he has sown. It is because we are made in the

image of God. He will give the tree fruit from man. This is His purpose, His

way, and His cause.

Man is placed on earth for a specific purpose: to

give fruit. But the world around him has become so corrupt and evil that there

are very few people who do the will of God and are true fruits-giving. The

cause of fruit-giving is found in the man himself, and not in the world around

him. This is because he has been redeemed. He has been redeemed in order that

God may create a fruit-giving nature within him. Man was redeemed in order that

God may give fruit-giving to him, in order that the world may be restored and

made good, through him. This is the way that God intended for man to give


If man has not given fruit to the world, it is

because the world has not been restored and made good. That is why God says, “If

man shall not do the work of My Father, nor speak of the things which He has

commanded Him to do, then He will also destroy man, together with the works of

His hands.” We do not really believe that the world is going to be destroyed.

But if God does not raise up a fruit-giving man, who will be the one to raise

the dead, to restore what the world has lost? That will be the one, whose name

God says He would have, if He does not find one in man. That man is a sinner.

The purpose of God in man is the restoration of the world, which He has lost.

If the world loses, and you do not do the works of God in your life, you will

be lost too.

“A servant is not greater than his

Master, neither is he that does evil, any better than he that does good:

wherefore it is written, ‘Behold, I lay in Sion a chief cornerstone, elect,

beloved of the Lord: And having chosen of the chief men of the tribes of

Israel, and having known them, I have put in them a chief governor for the

work of the house of my God.’ ”

1 Samuel


Now Samuel did not yet know that the

Lord was going to do this thing, that the Lord was actually going to give

Manasseh to the Lord. If God does not restore the world, and make it good, He

will say, “I laid in Zion a chief cornerstone, beloved of the Lord, but you

will not hold Him.”

The word is

“Him” and not “me.”

“Then said he unto me, The Lord

will do nothing but He reveal His secret to His servants the prophets.”

1 Samuel 2:7

Jesus was a prophet, and He was God’s

servant. He did all things through the Holy Spirit. When He went to Emmaus, the

Spirit was upon Him, and what He said to them, He said through the Spirit.

If He did not say to them, “The

Father, when He did this, manifested His Son,” they would not have believed


1 John 5:7-8

1 John


If we

are not called to bear the cross and bear our sins, then we are not to be part

of God’s purpose to restore the world. We must be separated from them because

they are blind. God does not work with unbelievers. He does not work through


We are

here to believe and to walk in the light.

“If any man love the world,

the love of the Father is not in him.”

1 John 2:15

“We love,

because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

“And what

do you yourselves seek? For, as many as were appointed to eternal life believed

(that is, the prophets) but have not believed, to them, the Christ would have

no more come. But God, for His own name’s sake, sent the Saviour to be the

Propitiation through faith in His name, Who would be made to God a merciful and

obedient (servant) while He was living among men.”

But Christ has come!

And who will

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