How to Make a Lollipop Tree

How to Make a Lollipop Tree

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How to Make a Lollipop Tree. They are an easy, colorful and thrilling craft for children.

Divide a bag of lollipops into three groups. One group will be used for the bottom of the tree, the second group will be for the middle and the third group will be for the top.

Trim the sticks of the middle group of lollipops medium length and the short for the group that will be on the top of the tree.

  • How to Make a Lollipop Tree.
  • If you are looking for a unique centerpiece for a party or something different for a table in your home, try Lollipop trees.

Buy or paint the Styrofoam cone brown to look like the trunk of a tree.

Start with the bottom of the tree and take that group of lollipops to work with first. Poke the lollipops into a small Styrofoam cone to make the bottom of the tree.

Continue poking the lollipops into the cone going from the bottom to the top.

If you are going to allow guests to partake in the lollipops, buy some sugar free ones and put them on the tree. Distinguish them by making sure they are of one color.

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