How to Prune Blue Fescue

How to Prune Blue Fescue

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Blue fescue is a commonly grown ornamental grass. Blue fescue prefers to grow in full sun and needs well-drained soil in which to thrive. It grows in a small mound, which makes it perfect for borders or as a backdrop to showy plants.

Cut back the dead winter foliage by one-third its height in mid-spring to allow new foliage to grow.

Trim off the flowers that bloom in the summer to keep the foliage looking nice, according to the University of Virginia. Trim the flowers off at the base of the blue fescue.

  • Blue fescue is a commonly grown ornamental grass.
  • According to the University of Arkansas, blue fescue is a cool-season perennial grass with blue-gray leaves.

Cut back the foliage by one-third in the late summer to stimulate new foliage growth for fall.

Cut Blue Fescue Grasses

Choose a time in early spring when the threat of heavy frost has passed to cut blue fescue ornamental grasses. Wear gloves to protect your hands when working. Measure 3 to 4 inches along the grass stems from the ground. Cut small amounts of the plant as you go. Remove dead, broken or damaged foliage from the blue fescue plant at any time of the year to reduce stress on the plant.

Prune blue fescue with clippers instead of pruning shears.

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