Breeds of donkeys: Large black Berry

Breeds of donkeys: Large black Berry

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Origins and attitudes

French breed (Berry area) traditionally bred for agricultural work. Of a very docile nature, it lends itself well to equestrian tourism and allonotherapy (use of the donkey with the handicapped and in the treatment of nervous depression). In 1986 the association (A.F.A.G.N.B.) was born for the protection of this breed. The Standard is set starting from photos and written documentation. The breed was officially recognized in France in 1994.
Strong, sober and very rustic.

Morphological characters

Dark or black bay coat. Gray belly. Without clear bands, mule lines and stripes on the limbs. White belly and inner thighs. Short hair in summer.
Big ears. Muscular neck, strong legs and slender shape.
Average height:
- male: 135 - 145 cm
- female: 130-140 cm

Association Francaise Âne Grand Noir du Berry website:

Big black berry

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