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This section is dedicated to donkeys (origins, characteristics, use, breeding and breeds). Dr. Alessio Zanon, veterinary surgeon expert in zootechnical biodiversity and Dr. Alma Pesce, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Turin, collaborated in its realization.

Atlas of donkey breeds

We have collected in an easy-to-read atlas (synthetic sheets accompanied by images) the Italian and foreign donkey breeds. Click on the menu and select the desired breed.

Information to mariners

The donkey (Equus asinus domesticus) was used by man for shooting, for the saddle and especially for the pack. Very rustic animal, it has a docile, patient and reserved character, and is capable of feeling affection for those who treat it in a convenient way, knowing how to recognize the owner even from far away. Once widespread in Italy, it has gradually disappeared due to the growing mechanization of work in the countryside. In recent years it has been the subject of growing interest, due to ononotherapy (a practice that uses the donkey as a therapeutic tool to restart the feelings and pleasure of emotional communication) and the rediscovery of donkey milk, a precious food with very close organoleptic characteristics with breast milk and therefore very suitable for children with food allergies. In livestock farms that raise donkeys for milk production, particular attention is paid to the care of animals in terms of reproduction, feeding, the ritual milking operations and the control of animal welfare.

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