DOCG Italian Wines: Recioto di Soave DOCG

DOCG Italian Wines: Recioto di Soave DOCG

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Production area and history

Production area: hilly territory of part of the municipalities of Soave, Monteforte dAlpone, San Martino Buon Albergo, Mezzane di Sotto, Roncà, Montecchia di Crosara, San Giovanni Ilarione, Cazzano di Tramigna, Colognola ai Colli, Illasi and Lavagno in the province of Verona . Recioto is a wine of very ancient tradition. The existence in the Verona area of ​​a sweet white wine, similar to the current Recioto di Soave, is still testified in the fifth century, in the famous epistle of Cassiodoro. The learned minister of King Theodoric looked beyond the "red" lacinatic for the "white" one (that is, the current Recioto di Soave) for whose production luva had to be chosen and kept in fruit stores until late winter with hanging bunches.
Recioto is a dialect word of the Veronese people, it derives from "recia" which is the upper part of the Garganega cluster, the most nourished and best exposed to insolation.
Just before the actual harvest, a selection of the best bunches is made which are then placed on the racks for drying.
Luva at rest is constantly followed and cleaned from four to six months up to the moment of pressing. A peculiar characteristic of the grapes put to rest is the formation of noble rot, a particular mold that gives the wine a typical aroma. It was the first wine from Veneto to boast the coveted DOCG.
(Production regulations)

Recioto di Soave DOCG - (

Bunch of Garganega (photo

Vines - Minimum alcoholic strength - Aging and qualifications

Vines: Garganega for at least 70% and the remainder from grapes of Trebbiano di Soave (local), Pinot bianco and Chardonnay grapes. In this area of ​​30% and up to a maximum of 5%, grapes from white and non-aromatic vines authorized and recommended for the province of Verona can also contribute.
Recioto di Soave:
- title alc. minimum effective: 12% vol (minimum total alcoholic strength by volume: 14%);
- minimum total acidity: 5 g / l;
- minimum net dry extract: 28 g / l;
- residual reducing sugars: minimum 70 g / l.
Recioto di Soave sparkling wine:
- title alc. minimum effective: 11.5% vol .;
- minimum total acidity: 5 g / l;
- minimum net dry extract: 26 g / l;
- residual reducing sugars: minimum 70 g / l.
The classic term is reserved for the wine with the denomination of controlled and guaranteed Recioto di Soave, with the exception of the sparkling version, obtained from grapes from the corresponding area delimited by article 3 which is included in the territory of the wine with a controlled denomination of origin Soave classic.
For the wine with controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin Recioto di Soave, also in the sparkling version, the year of production of the grapes from which the so qualified wine was obtained must be indicated; it cannot be released for consumption before 1 September of the year following the harvest.

Organoleptic characteristics

Recioto di Soave:
- color: golden yellow;
- smell: intense and fruity also with vanilla nuances; reminiscent of dacacia honey with floral nuances;
- flavor: sweet, velvety round, possibly with a hint of vanilla, also lively as per tradition.
Recioto di Soave sparkling wine:
- foam: fine and persistent;
- color: golden yellow, more or less intense;
- smell: pleasant, intense and fruity;
- flavor: sweet or sweet, velvety, harmonious, full-bodied.

Pairings and serving temperature

The Recioto di Soave goes very well with the traditional Pandoro from Verona and in particular with all dry pastries. It is also excellent pairing with aged Monte Veronese cheeses.
The sparkling type is excellent for matching with dry pastries and pandoro.

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