Turkeys: White

Turkeys: White

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

In the 1960s, Dr. J. Robert Smyth of the University of Massachusetts created the Midget White turkey breed to meet the expected future demand for small turkeys - capable of being contained in the smaller fridges of an increasing number of inhabitants. of cities and small families. Yet the market for a smaller turkey did not develop as expected and a lack of demand almost stopped the production of this breed. In order to create the small white turkey, Smyth combined a large-breasted white turkey (Broad Breasted White) with the Royal Palm exhibition. After three generations of small white turkeys, the University of Massachusetts had to reduce its poultry heritage. Thankfully, Dr. Wentworth, a professor from the University of Wisconsin and a former student of Dr. Smyth, continued to develop this breed - selecting it to improve egg production, fertility and the possibility of incubation. Until the late 1990s, when Dr. Wentworth retired, the University of Wisconsin had the largest nucleus of small white turkeys in the whole country. At the turn of the century, the subjects were sold to poultry enthusiasts and to the poultry center of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in Beltsville, Maryland, where they stayed for a few years. The survival of this breed is now entirely in the hands of private individuals.
These turkeys have the ability to mate naturally and to spawn a good amount of eggs annually. More than any other variety, these birds are extremely sociable and curious, often in need of attention from their owners. The meat of these turkeys is exceptional - with the clear flavor of traditional turkey with no game taste. Eggs are also very popular.

Morphological characteristics

The chicks have an opaque yellow color, with some dirty areas and with a darker head; the beak is orange.

Average weight: 4.5-5.5 kg

Small White Turkey

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