Pig breeds: Pietrain

Pig breeds: Pietrain

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Breed originating in Belgium. It was obtained by the crossing and subsequent mingling of French origin pigs belonging to a very early pomellate breed, with Berkshire and Tamworth pigs.
Hypertrophic pig, with very pronounced muscle masses that provide very high yields at the slaughterhouse, with light meat almost free of fat. Particularly suitable for the production of light pig. However, this breed is characterized by a high susceptibility to stress, which determines physiological alterations of the muscle masses such as to compromise the ability to transform into quality hams. Other defects are the poor growth rate, the unfavorable food conversion index and the low prolificity. The longevity of these pigs is below average for the species.

Morphological characteristics

It has a white background color, with showy black patches tending towards an oval or rounded shape.
Medium size.
Light head with rectilinear profile, wide short ears carried forward, short and muscular neck, long cylindrical trunk, with large and muscular lumbar back line; globular and descended hams, short and robust limbs; light skeleton.
Genetic muscle hypertrophy is characteristic.

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Italian Pietrain - Morphological characters

The National Pig Breeders Association (ANAS) manages the genealogical book of the Italian Pietrain breed.
- Type: of medium size, calm temperament, very fleshy, with a clear prevalence of the rear train, light but solid skeleton, relatively frugal.
- Coat and Pigmentation: dirty white coat, irregularly sprinkled with black pieces of varying sizes. Short and hard bristles that may have pink highlights around the black spots.
- Head: relatively light, with short facial region and rectilinear or slightly concave front-nasal profile, small and lively eyes, evident cheeks, short but wide ears, carried almost horizontally, with the tip slightly turned upwards.
- Neck: short but light, with strong development of the muscular masses of the dorsal part.
- Trunk: cylindrical, fairly slender, with slightly arched back-lumbar line; very raised and muscular shoulders; chest of good width, but not very deep; heavily arched side; tense, short and flattened hips; very broad and muscular back and loins; wide but short rump, characteristically inclined with very prominent muscle masses which determine an infossatura at the base of the tail, attached very low, abdomen little developed, with ventral line parallel to the dorso-lumbar line; large-developing ham, with full muscle masses, very wide, globular and descended to the hock.
- Limbs: relatively short, fine but robust, with correct appiombi and wide and clear articulations; straight and well-formed foot, with strong and tight nails.
- Gait: erect on the feet, loose, agile.

Pietrain breed boar and sow

Italian Pietrain breed sow (website photo)

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