Pig breeds: Lithuanian pig

Pig breeds: Lithuanian pig

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Area of ​​origin: Lithuania.

Known locally as Lietuvos vietinės kiaulės, the autochthonous Lithuanian pig is one of the oldest pig breeds in Europe, and is bred in the southwest of Lithuania. The first news relating to the breed dates back to antiquity and shows how it was developed by local breeders through careful selection. Subsequently, however, the Lithuanian pigs were crossed with other breeds, until obtaining the white Lithuanian and many pig breeds widespread in Russia. Currently the Lithuanian pig is classified as an endangered pig breed: in 1993 a group of about 200 specimens was transferred to the Institute of animal sciences, where 160 animals - including 30 females - are still protected.

Morphological characteristics

The hair is white or pink, more or less intensely dotted with black spots.

Medium weight:
- Adult male: 180 kg
- Adult female: 150 kg

It is a rustic breed, well adapted to the conditions of the territory and capable of tolerating exposure to the sun, which makes it particularly suitable for semi-wild breeding. Its meat was eaten fresh or used to make hams, sausages and bacon.

Lithuanian boar (photo

Lithuanian breed sows (photo

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