Pig breeds: Bazna pig

Pig breeds: Bazna pig

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Area of ​​origin: Romania.

Immersed in the bucolic landscape of the Saxon villages, in the heart of Transylvania, Bazna is a small municipality in the district of Sibiu that gave its name to a characteristic pig breed: the Bazna pig, once bred by the Saxon population who lived in the Siebenburgen area - the seven villages of Transylvania, who preferred it for its good resistance and the quality of its fat.
During the nineteenth century the Bazna pig was crossed with those of the Mangalica breed first, and Berkshire then, until it obtained the pig as we know it today.
Bazna pork meat has an excellent quality fat component

Morphological characteristics

It has black skin and bristles, and a characteristic continuous white band that completely surrounds the trunk at shoulder height including the front limbs (similar to the Cinta Senese).
Not large in size, its head is medium in size, with a slightly concave profile. The ears are also medium in size, facing forward and placed horizontally, while the neck is short, wide and thick, with a strong attachment. The trunk is of medium width, rather large and almost round. The upper body line is slightly convex. The rump is long and wide, slightly oblique and muscular, the thighs are well developed, but not very thick.

Bazna pig (photo

Bazna pig (photo

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