Zebuine breeds: Goudali 'or Guadali'

Zebuine breeds: Goudali 'or Guadali'

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Origin and diffusion area

Goudalì (or Gaudalì) is a Zebu breed also known as Zebu Peul. Originating in the Sahelian belt of Africa, Goudalì is a very common breed and is bred for the production of milk. The animals are born at an average weight of 22 kg and in the first year they grow by about 350 g / day; the first birth occurs around 40-42 months. RARE collaborates on a project financed by the Piedmont Region to improve the milk production of Goudalì cows raised at the GETN cooperative in Burkina Faso, near the capital Ouagadougou.

Morphological characteristics

Generally very light gray coat.

Productive characteristics

It is generally bred for milk production.
Lactation lasts 140 days and production does not exceed 400 kg.

Zebu female Goudali breed - right, top bull, bottom cow (

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