Typical Italian products: Susina di Dro DOP

Typical Italian products: Susina di Dro DOP

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Production area

CE recognition: 2011

With the Protected Designation of Origin «Susina di Dro» the fresh fruit of the local cultivar Prugna di Dro, commonly known as Susina di Dro, is protected.
The attention to the peculiarities of this fruit in terms of content in polyphenols and sugars is reflected in studies published since 1975. This collection of data combined with some more recent characterization studies testify how much the properties of «Susina di Dro» are time concretely recognized and still confirmed. The local cultivar «Prugna di Dro» has been selected over the centuries by the agricultural knowledge of the farmers of the production area, who derived the new seedlings mainly from seed or root sucker, exerting continuous control and a pressure of mass genetic improvement based on observation phenotypic characteristics linked above all to the productive characteristics of the plants and organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.


When released for consumption, fresh fruits must be whole, fresh and healthy, clean, free of foreign substances and odors, oval in shape, moderately elongated, with compact pulp, covered with the characteristic whitish color. «Susina di Dro» is an autochthonous cultivar with a long tradition, cultivated and stabilized genetically over time in the Sarca river valleys. The particular value of the "Susina di Dro" PDO is linked to its content in polyphenols which have a decisive influence on the organoleptic characteristics, color and flavor of the fruit and are of great pharmacological interest. The fruits are also characterized by the minimum sugar content, crucial for the definition of the sweet-sour taste typical of this local ecotype.

Plum of Dro DOP

Production specification - Susina di Dro DOP

Article 1
The Protected Designation of Origin "Susina di Dro" is reserved for fresh fruits that meet the conditions and requirements defined in this production specification.

Article 2
Product description.
The Protected Designation of Origin "Susina di Dro" designates the fresh fruit of the local cultivar Prugna di Dro (or Black Plum of Dro), commonly called Susina di Dro, grown in the territory defined in the following article 3.
Product characteristics: when released for consumption, fresh fruits must be whole, fresh and healthy, clean, free of foreign substances and odors, oval in shape, moderately long, with compact flesh, covered with the characteristic whitish color.
The typical coloring of fresh fruits is:
- skin from red-violet to dark blue-violet color, with presence of pruinose patina, sometimes with small greenish surfaces;
- yellow or green-yellow flesh.
Chemical characteristics: Sugar - minimum value at harvest 9.0 ° Brix
Polyphenols - minimum value 900 mg / Kg
Organoleptic characteristics: the PDO "Susina di Dro" stands out for its delicate sweet-acid-aromatic taste and for its pleasant pasty consistency.

Article 3
Production area.
The production area of ​​the DOP "Susina di Dro" is located in the Autonomous Province of Trento and corresponds to the portion of the river basin of the Sarca river for the part falling in the following municipalities:
Arco, Bleggio Inferiore, Bleggio Superiore, Calavino, Cavedine, Fiavè, Dorsino, Drena, Dro, Lasino, Lomaso, Nago-Torbole, Padergnone, Riva del Garda, San Lorenzo in Banale, Stenico, Tenno, Terlago, Vezzano and Trento, quest the latter limited to the hamlets of Cadine, Sopramonte, Sant'Anna, Vigolo Baselga and Baselga del Bondone.

Article 4
Proof of origin.
Each phase of the production process must be monitored by documenting the inputs and outputs for each. In this way, and through the registration in special lists, managed by the control structure, of the cadastral parcels on which the cultivation takes place, of the producers and de-conditioners, as well as through the timely reporting to the control structure of the quantities produced, the traceability of the product is guaranteed. . All persons, natural or legal, registered in the related lists, will be subject to control by the control structure, according to the provisions of the production specification and the related control plan.

Article 5
Obtaining method.
Propagation material - For new plants the propagation material must be CAC certified.
Training system and planting density - There are two training systems: full-wind and spindle.
For the production of PDO "Susina di Dro" plum trees with more than 2,500 plants perectar are not allowed.
Soil management - In order to maintain and increase the supply of organic matter, and consequently the microbiological vitality of the soils and the necessary nutritional balance, the grassing of the rows is mandatory, while weeding practices along the row are allowed.
Mineral fertilization, phytosanitary defense, irrigation will be managed according to the techniques traditionally adopted in the production area.
Production control - The maximum production achievable in the production area cannot exceed 78 t / ha. The control of the production load is performed through an appropriate management of pruning operations, carried out manually in the period between the first of October and the thirty-first of March.
The harvest - The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand in the months of July, August and September, respecting the scaling of maturation typical of the different valley and hilly microclimates and varieties.
Packaging - The plums called DOP "Susina di Dro" must be packed in the production area to avoid deterioration of the fruits and molding of the mass, moreover a rapid closure of the chain positively affects the maintenance of the characteristic dipruina layer that covers the fruits.

Article 6
Link with the environment.
In the "Susina di Dro" PDO production area, this cultivation assumes a fundamental importance, comparable to that of the vine and the apple tree.
The local cultivar "Prugna di Dro" has been selected over the centuries by the agricultural knowledge of the farmers of the production area, who derived the new seedlings mainly from seed or root folly, exerting continuous control and pressure of genetic-mass improvement based on the observation of the phenotypic characters mainly linked to the productive characteristics of the plants and organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.
The particular value of the DOP "Susina di Dro" is to be linked to its content in polyphenols which significantly influence the organoleptic characteristics, the color and the flavor of the fruit and are of great pharmacological interest. They exert, first of all, a protective action on the blood capillaries, then promote the secretion of gastric juices, increase the flow of bile and intestinal movements, act as antidepressants.
The processing and accumulation of these substances is strongly correlated to the climatic trend, especially to solar radiation, which plays a primary role in the level and rhythm of activity of the enzymes involved in phenolic metabolism.
The production area of ​​the "Susina di Dro" PDO is in fact characterized by a particularly favorable climate, recognized as absolutely unique in the Alps, linked to the mitigating action of Lake Garda, the largest Italian lake. It is also characterized by a significant period of brightness, generally 10 hours of light for an average of 36000 seconds of total accumulated insolation (average figure on 21/06 of each year), linked to the almost constant clarity of the sky: it is the regular breezes, in particular the one called "Òra del Garda", to guarantee this clarity as well as exercising a beneficial attenuation of the maximum afternoon temperatures, which otherwise would compromise the phenolic component of the fruit.
These climatic peculiarities prove to be decisive also in the phase of carrying out photosynthetic mechanisms that lead to the accumulation of carbohydrates, and therefore of sugars. In fact, the typical freshness of the alpine environments, enhanced in the production area by the action of the aforementioned breeze, allows to keep the production of photosynths constant during the day which would otherwise be inhibited by the high summer temperatures. Equally favorable is the relative freshness of the nights, which are affected by the alpine climate conditioned by the proximity of important mountain massifs, which inhibits respiratory phenomena, negative to the end of the accumulation of carbohydrates, for the benefit of the positive energy balance, expressed by the final quantity of the sugars produced.
The fruit also has particular characteristics of earliness, consistency and an overall balance of flavor and appropriate hardness of the pulp, synergistic characteristics that make appreciating the uniqueness of the PDO "Susina di Dro", also linked to the particularly favorable climate. On the particular levels of flavor and consistency of the pulp naturally also affects the nature of the soils which, of medium texture tending to sandy with a slightly clayey component and slightly alkaline, particularly favor the absorption of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Another feature of particular value is given by the presence of the pruina, an abundant whitish patina that covers the surface of the fruit, instead related to the relative freshness of the nights, which are affected by the alpine climate conditioned by the proximity of important mountain massifs.
In the production area of ​​the PDO "Susina di Dro", therefore, the winter seasons are particularly mild, as well as the summers do not present sporadically periods of drought and excessive temperatures: these characteristics, which are also added to the significant daily brightness as well as to pedological characteristics of value, Geologically attributable to marine sedimentary formations, they make this territory a particularly happy oasis for the cultivation of plums and are able to give it the typical characteristics relating to chemical composition, conservation and presence of the plum.
The agricultural production area of ​​the PDO "Susina di Dro" as early as 1284 was defined with the wording "di Dro" as a historical-agricultural reference point in the 42 specifications of the Rule Cards of the "Piano del Sarca". Subsequently Massarello, secretary of the Council of Trent (1545-1563), wrote about "the prunes coming from the castle of Riva" and that the production of that fruit "is not accidental or out of used, but every year they always ripen at this time, because it all seemed very wonderful. " Even Agostino Perini in "Statistics of Trentino" confirmed in 1852 the cultivation of "black brugne" in that area.
Industrial plum farming took off in 1911 with the establishment of the Cooperative Consortium "Legadei Contadini del Bacino Arcense", which already had 650 members at its birth. In 1941 his Board of Directors engaged in an expensive expansion of the warehouses and in the creation of a modern drying plant for the "Susina di Dro" which in the early 1960s came to produce 150 tons of prunes. The use of the name is evidenced by the book accounts.
The entire community of the Sarca Valley, which has always been sensitive to the enhancement of the quality specificity of the "Susina di Dro" PDO, has been activated on a cultural level in a context of synergy-territorial-agri-food. Significant initiatives are the "Week of the Plum Blossom of Dro", a recurring appointment since the beginning of the 70s, which then resulted in the most modern Augustan event called "Dro: the time of plums".
Most of the current 600 members of the Valli del Sarca - GardaTrentino Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative, where the "Susina di Dro" PDO is collected and marketed, derive from this cultivation an additional income compared to other typical agricultural production in the area or compared to other activities carried out also at outside the agricultural context.

Article 7
The control on the conformity of the product to the specification is carried out by a control structure, in accordance with the provisions of articles 10 and 11 of Reg. (CE) n. 510/2006. This structure is the public authority designated Chamber of Commerce, Craft Industry and Agriculture of Trento - Via Calepina n. 13 - 38100 Trento - Tel .: + 39-0461-887101, Fax: + 39-0461-239853, e-mail: [email protected]

Article 8.
Labeling - The wording DOP "Susina diDro" (font arial) must appear on the product sales packaging and the logo will appear as described below. It is a stylized colored plum with pantone 2617 (purple), complete with leaves, colored with pantone 376 (green), and with lescritte, in white with arial font, "SUSINA DI DRO DOP" in the center of the plum and "DENOMINATION D 'PROTECTED ORIGIN ”on the edge of the same.
The addition of any indication of origin not expressly provided for in this specification or complementary indications that could mislead the consumer is prohibited in the designation.
The “Susina di Dro” PDO will be packaged in accordance with the legislation in force. All packaging types will be closed through a screen, a film or a lid.

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