Breeds of chickens: Houdan nana

Breeds of chickens: Houdan nana

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Created in England on the basis of Houdan crossings with Sussex Nana and Ancona Nana. It lays eggs with a white shell.

Morphological characteristics

Colors: Black White and White Speckled.
Mid-high dwarf chicken, pentadactyl, with full tuft and beard. Wide form of the common hen, and butterfly crest.
Medium weight:
- Gauls 1.1 kg
- 0.9 kg hens

White Dwarf Houdan Breed Dapped White

Breed standard - FIAV


Created in England on the basis of Houdan crossings with Sussex Nana and Ancona Nana.
Minimum weight 35 g
Shell color: white.
Rooster: 15
Hen: 13



General appearance and characteristics of the breed
Mid-high dwarf chicken, pentadactyl, with full tuft and beard. Wide form of the common hen, and butterfly crest.
Trunk: elongated, almost horizontal; shape reminiscent of a large and deep cylinder. In the hen it is more horizontal and collected.
Head: relatively large.
Beak: short; curved, with hollowed nostrils; color corresponding to that of the tarsi.
Eyes: yellow-red to brown-red iris; clearly visible because the tuft is facing backwards.
Crest: formed by two parts similar to two oak leaves arranged side by side, of medium size and quite notched on their edge.
Bargigli: as small as possible, hidden by the beard.
Face: red, partially hidden by the beard.
Mumps: unimportant; hidden by the beard.
Tuft: medium size; thicket; facing backwards and leaving the eyes and the ridge free. The tuft should not be too flat on the head. It is made up of fairly wide, long and strong feathers. In the hen it must be full and implanted straight on the head and its shape must be as similar as possible to a sphere, however leaving the sight free. (Light grooming allowed to improve eyesight).
Beard: large, well developed favorites. In the hen it is made up of abundant favorites and a very full beard that drops downwards.
Neck: medium length with abundant cape.
Broad shoulders.
Back: quite long, slightly inclined towards the back. Full and well-feathered croup. In medium back hen
length, but wide and slightly rising towards the tail.
Wings: quite long; flow rate tight to the body.
Tail: very full; with sickle-shaped and covering us wide, well arched; high range but not vertical. In the hen carried more
horizontal, medium-sized, closed and fairly broad at the root.
Chest: wide, deep and well rounded. In the hen very full, wide and deep.
Legs: medium length legs; almost hidden by the plumage. Medium long tarsi. Five fingers, straight and well spread; the fifth finger is clearly separated from the fourth, is implanted inside the tarsus and facing upwards.
Belly: wide and full. In the highly developed hen.
ROOSTER: Up to Kg. 1,100
HEN: Up to Kg. 0,900
Serious defects:
Weak or tight body; flat chest; wings carried low; very malformed crest; forelock little developed or developed more in width than length; poor beard; heavily reduced vision; incorrect development and position of the fifth finger.
Conformation: full and well tightened to the body; abundant cape and rump.


Bright black plumage with green reflections, end of the feathers with white spot, often in the shape of a hem or crescent on many parts of the coat. Forelock largely white in the back. Black must dominate in the rooster and young subjects. Adult hens have a stronger white design.
Some white remiges are allowed.
Horn-colored tarsi with dark spots.
Serious defects: very irregular design; white tuft

Entirely white plumage; slight cream reflections tolerated in the cape and on the rump of adult roosters.
Horn-colored, lead gray tarsiers tolerated.
Serious defects: yellow reflections, other colored feathers.

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