Breeds of chickens: Transylvanian bare neck

Breeds of chickens: Transylvanian bare neck

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Transylvanian Naked Neck (German selection).
The US selection of this breed is known by the name Turkens.
The origins of this breed are the subject of debate. Similar to Madagascar naked neck chickens, some scholars believe it derives from this breed imported into Transylvania, others that it originates from the latter region of Romania.
Breed bred only for display.
There is also the dwarf version.
There are many registered varieties, including those with black, white, blue edged black, mahogany, tawny and sparrow hawk.
This breed has the character naked neck in a state of permanent homozygosity therefore it has the neck completely naked up to the base (without a feather tie on the front of the neck).

Morphological characteristics

The chicken has a simple crest erected in both sexes, red mumps and white skin; medium legs of pinkish flesh or slate black color according to the variety of plumage.

Medium weight:
- Roosters 2,5-3 kg
- Hens 2-2.5 kg

Rooster and hen of the Transylvanian Naked Neck breed (photo

Purebred Rooster Transylvanian Nana Blue Neck (photo website)

Purebred Transylvanian White Neck Dwarf Hen (Photo Website)

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