Tuberous: Desert candle Eremurus spp.

Tuberous: Desert candle Eremurus spp.

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Classification, origin and description

Family: Liliaceae
Genus: Eremurus
Common name: Eremoro, Desert candle

Typology: Perennials
Propagation: division, seed

They are plants native to the Orient (persia, Himalaya, etc.). They are perennial herbaceous plants that reach quite impressive dimensions. the shape of the roots is unusual: fleshy, they look like real octopuses. The leaves form a large, flat rosette at the foot and from here rise the numerous, enormous inflorescences that can reach 3 meters in height.

Eremurus himalaicus (photo

Eremurus robustus (photo

How it is grown

They are not easy to grow plants. The soil must be fertile, well-drained and slightly calcareous. If the winters are harsh, the roots must be protected from frost and excess moisture must be prevented. E. multiply by sowing in a hot greenhouse, in spring, or by dividing the strains, in autumn or spring.

Species and varieties

- Eremurus bungei Bak .: species native to Persia. the foral ears, about 1 meter high, are thin, dense with small, bright yellow flowers. There are several varieties, with golden yellow, pink flowers, etc.
- Eremurus himalaicus Bak .: species native to the Himalayas, it is called Candle of the desert. It blooms in May and the spikes are up to 2 meters high; the flowers are white.
- Eremurus robustus Regel .: species native to Turkestan, is lE. which has the highest spikes (up to 3 meters) with pink flowers. Numerous horticultural hybrids exist.

Diseases, pests and adversities

They are rather rustic plants that resist pests well. The greatest risk is that of root rot.

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