Lessinia Natural Park - Veneto

Lessinia Natural Park - Veneto

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. March 22, 1990, n. 21.
Veneto region
Province: Verona, Vicenza

The Lessinia Natural Park occupies the entire summit of the Lesini Mountains and the stretches of some lower valleys (10,201 hectares), largely in the northern part of the province of Verona and marginally in that of Vicenza.

Autumn in the Lessini Mountains (photo


The Park has many attractions: fossil deposits (including the famous Bolca fish), karst caves and sculptures, prehistoric finds, natural bridges (Veja), the abysses (Spluga della Preta), red limestone slabs modeled from the wind in the Sphinx Valley). In the three large forests of Upper Lessinia (dAquilio, Folignani, Giazza) there are centuries-old specimens of beech and fir.
This park deserves to be visited also for the particularity of being in a Cimbrian area or in an island of medieval Germanic colonization which preserves customs and traditions typical of those populations: today the communities of the elderly of 13 Veronese municipalities and 7 Vicenza municipalities speak the Bajuvaro languages ​​of the Alto Middle Ages. A dense network of cycle and pedestrian paths, which in winter turn into cross-country ski runs, allow you to explore the protected area. Park management is entrusted to the Mountain Community.

Giazza forest

The state forest of Giazza, the result of a major reforestation work (spruce, white fir and larch), is located at the north-eastern end of the province of Verona and is the most beautiful wooded complex in the Verona area.
It is delimited to the north by the Carega Group, and to the west by the pastures of the upper Lessinia and to the east by the Chain of the Three Crosses. It occupies an area of ​​about 1904 hectares straddling the provinces of Verona (municipality of Selva di Progno: 1088 hectares), Trento (municipality of Ala: 428 hectares) and Vicenza (municipality of Crespadoro: 388 hectares).

Beautiful fossil found in the Lessinia Natural Park (photo

Information for the visit

- Ethnographic Museum of Bosco Chiesanuova
- Fossil Museum of Bolca
- Geopaleontological Museum of Velo Veronese
- Prehistoric museum of SantAnna dAlfaedo
- Museum of the trombini of the lessinia of San Bortolo
- Ethnographic Museum of Giazza
- Botanical Museum of Lessinia di Molina


Headquarters: Via Borgo, 52
37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR)

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