Bocche di Po Nature Reserve - Veneto

Bocche di Po Nature Reserve - Veneto

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Nature reserve; established with D.M. 07/13/1997
Veneto region
Province: Rovigo

The territory of the Bocche di Po Nature Reserve (more than 400 hectares) includes the external part of the delta, between the Po di Levante and the Po di Pila, in the municipalities of Porto Tolle, Porto Viro, Rosolina and Taglio di Po (RO).

Bocche di Po Nature Reserve - Piovanello tridattilo (photo


The reserve is made up of small islands (bonelli), emerging from large stretches of water, banks and reeds. The vegetation is characterized by endemic associations of the northern Adriatic and marsh species; there are only rare bush bastard and bramble bushes. The six bonelli that make up the Reserve insist on one area, that of the Po Delta, considered one of the areas of greatest birdlife interest in Italy. The area is rich in migratory and nesting species. You can admire the typical casoni, once inhabited during the fishing season.

Information for the visit

Veneto Agriculture
University Avenue, 14
Agripolis 35020 Legnaro (PD)

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