Trentino parks and protected areas

Trentino parks and protected areas

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Trentino parks and protected areas

Among the Italian mountain districts, Trentino is one of the most beautiful and perhaps the most varied of all. In the space of a single province are in fact included high crystalline massifs (Adamello, Presanella, Ortles-Cevedale) from which important glaciers descend, a part of the Dolomites and of Lake Garda, and finally wild and uncontaminated places such as Val Genova and Val of Tovel, where the last bears of the Alps have survived to the present day.
There are three parks in the Trentino area: the southern sector of the Stelvio National Park, the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park and the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Natural Park. In 1986, through a provincial law, protected biotopes (areas of significant naturalistic, scientific and cultural interest) were established: 287 small areas, of which 219 defined as local ones (municipal biotopes) and 68 most important classified ones of provincial interest ( provincial biotopes), which is the responsibility of the Biotopes Office of the Provincial Parks and Forests Service.

Val Rendena - Adamello Brenta Natural Park


The provincial law (Autonomous Province of Trento) which established protected Biotopes (areas of significant naturalistic, scientific and cultural interest) is No. 14 of 23/06/1986. In 1987, 287 were identified: of these, 219 are defined as being of local interest and their establishment and management is the responsibility of the municipality (municipal biotopes); the 68 most important are instead classified of provincial interest (provincial biotopes), and are the responsibility of the Biotopes Office of the Parks and State Forests Service of the Province of Trento.

View of Monte Brione from the west side of Lake Garda (photo by Mariapia Calza)

Whole or guided nature reserves

These forms of protection concern the publicly owned territories outside the boundaries of the Natural Parks, identified by the PUP as areas of environmental protection and protected in the forms and ways provided for by the provincial legislation on the protection of landscapes (LP 22/91 Urban planning and protection of the territory). For them, the Province of Trento does not dictate specific legislation as in the case of Parks and Biotopes. The establishment of these protected areas belongs to administrative acts of the Region, Province or Municipalities, which want to protect particularly valuable areas for their naturalistic characteristics. There are four nature reserves: the Tre Cime del Monte Bondone integral nature reserve, the Bés-Corna Piana nature reserve, the Campobrùn nature reserve and the Scanuppia nature reserve.

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