Tavolara Marine Protected Area - Punta Coda Cavallo - Sardinia

Tavolara Marine Protected Area - Punta Coda Cavallo - Sardinia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Marine Protected Area; established through a program agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia on 22 April 1997 (Decree published in the Official Gazette of the Sardinia Region on 26 February 1998.
Region: Sardinia
Provinces: Nuoro, Sassari

The Marine Protected Area Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo occupies an area of ​​15.091 hectares in the Municipalities of Loiri Porto San Paolo, Olbia and San Teodoro. These are three islands with rocky and inaccessible coasts: Tavolara, Molara and the rock of Molarotto. It includes in its territory a SPA (Special Protection Area), the "islands of Tavolara, Molara, and Molarotto" and a SIC (Site of Community Interest), the Stagno di San Teodoro.

Tavolara Punta Timone (photo


The Marine Protected Area develops along one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the Mediterranean. Not far from the Costa Smeralda, the area is characterized by the presence of pink granites, belonging to the Gallura granite pluto, from quartz-feldspathic coastal beaches and from the limestone-dolomitic reliefs of the island of Tavolara, from Capo Ceraso (south of Olbia), to Punta l'Isuledda (south of San Teodoro). Tavolara is defended on all sides by ramparts that make it difficult to access; this has favored the conservation of a wild nature, which has remnants of olive wood and juniper spots. On the cliffs the only seaweed that manages to form fairly large turf is the Halimeda tuna. Great is the fauna importance of the area, in particular for the presence of a rich birdlife (at least 152 bird species, 69 of which nesting). Among the mammals present, we remember the Sardinian hare, the fox, the wild cat, the marten and the weasel.

Marine Protected Area Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo (photo

Regulations of the Marine Protected Area

Zone A (Full reserve) includes:
- on the island of Tavolara the tip south of Cala di Levante, Punta del Papa and the point incosta south-east of the Punta del Passo Malo;
- on the Molarotto island the pentagonal area surrounding Molarotto for a width of about 750 meters to the east and west (sides), about 1,000 meters to the north (summit) and about 1,500 meters to the south (side).
Zone B (General reserve) includes:
- the stretch of sea between Capo Ceraso and the southern limit of the Sa EnasAppara cove, for a width of about 700 meters;
- the stretch of sea between Coda dellu Furru and Punta di Tamerigio (Capo CodaCavallo);
- on the island of Tavolara the coastal sea area of ​​the north-western side, for a width of about 500 meters from the coast, and of the north-eastern and south-eastern sides, for a width of about 300 meters from the zone A.
- the stretch of sea surrounding the island of Molara and the zone A of Molarotto;
Zone C (Partial reserve) includes:
- the residual stretch of sea, within the perimeter of the protected natural marine area.

Information for the visit

In Punta Molara there is a network of paths that allow you to visit the vast and dense bush.

Since 2004 it has been managed by a Consortium formed by the municipalities of Olbia, Loiri-Porto S. Paolo and S. Teodoro.
Management Consortium of the Marine Protected Area Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo
Via Dante, 1
07026, Olbia (SS)

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