State Natural Reserve Oriented Biogenetics Falascone - Puglia

State Natural Reserve Oriented Biogenetics Falascone - Puglia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Biogenetic Oriented State Natural Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. of July 26, 1971, falls within the territory of the Gargano National Park.
Puglia region
Province: Foggia

The State Natural Reserve Falscone occupies an area of ​​48 hectares (Municipality of Monte SantAngelo) included in the Gargano National Park.

Monte SantAngelo (photo


The Monte SantAngelo State Natural Reserve concerns a typical Apennine natural beech forest, at about 800 meters above sea level. The fauna is mainly composed of roe deer, badgers, dormice, martens and various species of birds.

Information for the visit

Umbra Forest Village
71030 Vico del Gargano (FG)

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