Peaches State Natural Reserve - Molise

Peaches State Natural Reserve - Molise

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Oriented Nature Reserve; established with D.D.M.M. 04/14/1982 and 11/30/1983.
Region: Molise
Province: Isernia

The State-oriented Biogenetic Nature Reserve Peaches covers a 552 hectare wooded hilly area in the Municipality of Pesche (from 640 to 1,130 m asl).

Toloj - Peach State Oriented Biogenetic Nature Reserve


The orography varies between soft and other harsher environments up to pronounced vertical leaps.
The Reserve has a particular forest feature: the topsoil is made up of vegetable associations of broad-leaved trees (holm oak, Turkey oak, ash, maple, etc.) occupying all sectors of the Reserve and resinous such as black pine and domestic pine. include rose hips, common juniper, common broom and laburnum.
The signs of man and his activity are still evident. The presence of the Tolojs is striking, small circular stone buildings built by shepherds to protect themselves from the weather.

Information for the visit

Former state company for state forests
Via Bellini 8/10
86170 Isernia

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