Naviglio di Melotta Nature Reserve - Lombardy

Naviglio di Melotta Nature Reserve - Lombardy

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Partial Regional Biological and Geomorphological Nature Reserve; established with D.C.R. n.1736 of 11 October 1984.
Lombardy region
Province: Cremona

The Naviglio di Melotta Regional Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​approximately 181 hectares in the municipalities of Casaletto di Sopra, Romanengo and Ticengo (CR).

Naviglio di Melotta Regional Nature Reserve


The Naviglio di Melotta crosses this reserve longitudinally giving rise on the riparian escarpments to floodplains and woods. Singular the presence of unusual species for the plain.
The hygrophilous wood consists of a black alder alneto, replaced at times by white willow willows; these species are accompanied by gray poplar, some plane trees, some hybrid poplar (Populus x euroamericana) artificially introduced, and elderberry, hazel, dogwood and, more rarely, buckthorn bushes. The woods located at the top of the plateau are richer in species, some of which attest to the particular conditions of the area and are of extreme stational and biogeographical interest. In the well-preserved areas, the dominant species is constituted by the English oak, accompanied by the field elm, the cherry, the field maple, the white hornbeam and by a rich shrub cortex; at the edges and in the clearings some nuclei of the species of greatest stationary interest such as the aspen, the spiny broom, the gorse, the shaggy cytiso and the charcoal broom survive.
Numerous animal species find refuge along the canal, including the Lataste frog, different from the common frog due to the brown color of its back.

Information for the visit

Province of Cremona - Ecology Office
Via Bellarocca, 7
26100, Cremona
Tel. 0372 4061

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