Natural Marine Area of ​​Ventotene and Santo Stefano Islands - Lazio

Natural Marine Area of ​​Ventotene and Santo Stefano Islands - Lazio

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Natural Marine Area; established with D.M. December 12, 1997
Lazio region
Province: Latina

The Natural Marine Area of ​​Ventotene and Santo Stefano Islands affects a marine area of ​​174.02 hectares, in the sea surrounding the homonymous Pontine (or Ponziane) islands, in the Municipality of Ventotene (LT).

Ventotene - Great Parade (photo


The Pontine Islands are made up of 5 islands of volcanic nature, Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone further west and Ventotene and S. Stefano further east. The 2 groups are separated by a sea arm up to 600 m deep. Ventotene, located halfway between the Ponza and Ischia route, is NW-SE with a maximum length of 2900 m and a maximum width of 900 m. It generally has steep coasts and has a circumnavigation of about 10 kilometers. At about 1.5 km, separated by an arm of the sea with a depth between 7 and 20 m, there is the islet of S. Stefano, famous for the ancient prison active until 1965, built by Ferdinando IV of Bourbon in 1795. Between the two islands the seabed is rather low, which favors a luxuriant marine flora. Thanks to the very varied coast, with sheer promontories, inlets and beaches, the marine fauna is rich and varied.
The integral reserve is limited to the sea area in front of the island of Santo Stefano.

Information for the visit

Municipality of Ventotene
Piazza Castello
04020 Ventotene (LT)

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