Gallopane State Biogenetic Nature Reserve - Calabria

Gallopane State Biogenetic Nature Reserve - Calabria

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. July 13, 1977; falls within the territory of the Sila National Park.
Region: Calabria
Province: Cosenza

The Gallopane State Biogenetic Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​200 hectares (Sila Grande) with the magnificent homonymous forest which is located a few km from Lake Cecita, in the Municipality of Longobucco (CS).

Longobucco (photo


The Gallopane Reserve protects magnificent mixed woods of larch pine or silane, to which, especially at higher altitudes and on the cooler slopes, the beech mixes. In the Reserve there is a group of giant pines, comparable to the most famous ones of the Bosco del Fallistro, called The Giants of Gallopane. Other forest species present are black alder and mountain maple.
Among the mammals we find the wolf, the marten, the wild cat, the badger and the skunk; among the Egyptian vulture birds, the biancone, the black woodpecker, the green woodpecker, the owl, the peregrine falcon, the sparrow hawk, the woodcock, the tawny owl, the cuckoo.

Information for the visit

Viale della Repubblica, 26
87100 Cosenza