San Giuliano Lake Oriented Nature Reserve - Basilicata

San Giuliano Lake Oriented Nature Reserve - Basilicata

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Oriented Natural Reserve; established in 1976; the Oriented Natural Reserve was established with L.R. n. 39/2000. E Site of Community Importance SIC, Special Protection Area for SPAs and is included in the list of Ramsar Zones, that is, wetlands of international interest for aquatic fauna.
Region: Basilicata
Province: Matera

The San Giuliano Lake Nature Reserve occupies an area of ​​approximately 2,500 hectares. Founded as an oasis for the protection of fauna in 1976, it was subsequently protected also with landscape constraint since 1977. In 1989 an agreement with the Reclamation Consortium allowed the WWF to carry out educational and protection activities in the area. In 2000, in reference to the Regional Law 28/94, it was identified as an Oriented Natural Reserve and established with L.R. 39/2000.
In 2004 a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Province of Matera and WWF for the creation of common initiatives for the enhancement and protection of the area.

San Giuliano Lake Oriented Nature Reserve (photo

San Giuliano Lake Oriented Nature Reserve (photo


The territory of the Reserve is part of the countryside of Matera, Miglionico and Grottole and includes part of the middle course of the Bràdano river, the lake and the gravina. Since 1955, the year of construction of the reservoir, many species of migratory birds have frequented the area more and more consistently. The river and the ravine are the other areas of the protected area, the first characterized by hygrophilous vegetation with willows, poplars and tamarisks; the second from the co-presence, within a vertical height difference of about 50 m, of xerophilous horizons in the upper part of the ravine, and hygrophilous in the bottom.
The fauna is also very rich: among the birds we remember the great white great lion, red great lion, the cormorant, the wigeon, the teal, the ferruginous duck, the stork, the osprey, while among the mammals, the fox, the badger, listrice, the boar, and the otter.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
From Matera: Strada Statale 7 Matera-Ferrandina, turn off at Km 560 and then follow the directions for Diga San Giuliano (around 10 minutes).


Province of Matera
Department of Environment, Parks and Natural Reserves

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