Guided Regional Nature Reserve Sources of the Pescara River - Abruzzo

Guided Regional Nature Reserve Sources of the Pescara River - Abruzzo

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Guided Regional Nature Reserve; established with L.R. October 31, 1986 n. 57
Region: Abruzzo
Province: Pescara

The Natural Reserve of the sources of the Pescara river protects the lake basin of spring water of the Pescara river; the protected area occupies an area of ​​49 hectares in the Municipality of Popoli (PE).

Guided Regional Natural Reserve of the River Pescara sources (photo


The body of water is formed by sources of exceptional purity. In the slow-moving waters are the Brasca of the lagoon, the submerged Ceratofillo and the Plague of water. Speckled duckweed and bladder herb live in the more marshy environments, but the most common is the swamp straw. On the shores you can see the Tifa major and the sedge sedge and, in April-May, the aquatic iris flowers. White willows and black poplars frame the basin. Among the shrubs, black elderberry and wild rose are widespread. The porciglione, the moorhen and the coot (symbol of the reserve) nest in the reed bed. In the period of migrations the marzaiola, the wigeon and the pintail are seen. There are also gray and red lairone. Other species present in the Reserve are osprey, white stork and marsh owl.

Information for the visit

In 2007 the agreement between WWF and the Municipality of Popoli for the management of the Reserve was signed.

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