Geese: Marais Poitevin's Gray Goose

Geese: Marais Poitevin's Gray Goose

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

The marshes of western Poitou have always been a good area for geese breeding. Where freedom, space, water and greenery at will, and many inhabitants of Poire-sur-Velluire, The Cut, Nalliers, Vouillé brought their large flock of geese joined by specimens of several owners in common. Each family had the right to graze a drum, i.e. 9 females and 2 males. After the Second World War, there were, for example, Poire-sur-Velluire, a municipality of 247 hectares and 15 geese breeders, a multitude of 1,400 subjects; this represented an important economic sector for farmers: sale of meat (roasted goose), down and down. In 1992, there were only 2 breeders left in this region! Even the Interregional Park of Marais Poitevin in 1992 started an action to preserve those geese with entirely gray-brown plumage through the collection of individual farmers of the most representative. A selection was made to keep the subject adapting to the desired criteria: a medium-sized goose that has the similar qualities of the Alloca of Toulouse and Alloca of Alsace. That is to say, it produces excellent quality livers. Breeding began in 1996, and in 1998 the park had 150 specimens with stable and homogeneous characteristics. However, on May 23 of that same year, the Marais Interregional Park presented a standard to the French poultry commission; but the latter refused to rectify it by claiming that that one did not yet possess stable race characteristics. Today loca di Marais has, in its locality, a role of considerable importance, both from an economic and local tourist point of view. It is a rather lively unoca, with a very pronounced vigilance instinct due to the propensity to protect their territory.

Morphological characteristics

Cut it: small.
Medium weight:

- male a. 4-5 kg
- female a. 4-4.5 kg

Plumage color: the only gray variety. Robust-bodied goose. Male without ventral bags, while the female has one. Strong head; rather short neck, from 25 to 32 cm. Eyes: gray with pink orbital circle; pink beak, powerful, sometimes with a narrow ring of white feathers at the base; the beak is whitish and sometimes black. Tarsi: pink.
Laying 15-35 eggs.

Thanks to Francesco Silletta

Gray geese of Marains Poitevin, two females and one male (photo

Gray geese of Marais Poitevin (photo

Gray goose of Marais Poitevin (photo

Video: Discovering The Marais Poitevin, Frances Green Venice (July 2022).


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