Geese: Bresse or Ain goose

Geese: Bresse or Ain goose

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

As loca of Touraine, loca di Bresse does not yet have an approved standard, not even an accurate description. On April 15, 1929, the Country Life newspaper declared: Loca Bressana does not have correspondence characteristics, for example, such as the goose or Poitou or Bourbonnais. With few exceptions; mostly subjects are found that do not give the impression of desired uniformity. Most of the specimens examined appear rather small in size, a lighter and lighter model than Bourbonnais' alloca.
In 2000, the breeders of the Bresse-Gallico Club decided to re-select loca di Bresse. But the name of Bresse is protected and so they decided to call it loca di Ain.

Morphological characteristics

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Geese di Bresse or Ain (photo

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