Agricultural machinery: Transplanter

Agricultural machinery: Transplanter

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Classification - Operation carried out

Tools not applied to the power take-off


The transplanter is an operating machine for planting seedlings or parts of them. It consists of a frame, usually carried or semi-carried, on which a feeding device, a distribution device, the furrowing organs for opening the laying groove, the ridging member that locks the seedling and closes the groove, the organs are housed for the compaction of the soil around the roots of the seedling and the subsequent closure of the same. It is also equipped with special "seats" where transplant workers sit who take the seedlings in lump from polystyrene and place them in the feeding organ.
There are some transplanters on the market which, in addition to laying the seedling on the ground, also provide a mulch cloth for the control of weeds and an irrigation hose.

Transplanter with two operators on board

Two-operator transplanter model - cabbage seedling in lump ready for mechanical transplanting

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