Agricultural machinery: Centrifugal fertilizer spreader

Agricultural machinery: Centrifugal fertilizer spreader

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Classification - Operation carried out

Tools applied to the power take-off

The centrifugal fertilizer spreader is an agricultural tool used to distribute the granular fertilizer in the stubbing that we are going to cultivate or directly on the crop as uniformly as possible.
It is used both for open field fertilization and in the orchard or vineyard but also for sowing in small nurseries of small seeds such as carrots and lettuces which will then be transplanted into cultivation plants.


The centrifugal fertilizer spreader is operated by the power take-off connected to the tractor by means of a universal joint, the movement imparted by the power take-off is transferred to the fertilizer spreader organs which actuate the spreader by means of cogwheels or belts which, rotating, launch the fertilizer onto the field.
The fertilizer spreader is composed of a hopper into which the granular fertilizer is poured, there are many types of fertilizer spreaders divided mainly by the payload of fertilizer and by the type of traction, usually the fertilizer spreader is of the carried type that is applied to the hydraulic lift of the tractor but nevertheless there are of the variants where the implement is towed by a tow hook, the towed fertilizer spreaders are similar to transport wagons, differentiated only in the body, where in fact we find a tank in which the fertilizer will be placed and finally on the rear part of the spreaders. Under the hopper then a lever to regulate the flow of fertilizer from the hopper to the spreader in order to decide with what density to fertilize.

Centrifugal fertilizer spreader with one spreader in action

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