Agricultural machinery: Trailer

Agricultural machinery: Trailer

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The term agricultural trailer means an infinity of types of trailers, so each trailer in this sheet will have its own voice. Generally the trailer is considered a vehicle towed by the tractor with which to transport things; (editor's note may be diamonds or manure); the trailer consists of a drawbar which connects the structure to the tractor, one or more axle-axles on which the tires are applied and finally the loading surface with the sides if present.
As already mentioned, there are many types of trailers so let's analyze them one by one.

Farmer trailer

The tiller trailer is composed of a drawbar that is connected to the tow hook, a seat on which the operator will sit and finally the loading surface with the sides. There are some variants that provide for the connection of a universal joint connected to the power take-off of the cultivator which, once activated, will synchronize the revolutions of the driving wheels with those of the trailer, thus forming a 4-wheel drive system.

Walking tractor with untractioned trailer

Flatbed trailer

The flatbed trailer is used for the transport of vehicles such as combine harvesters, grape harvesters, other tractors such as crawlers or for the loading of round bales or bales. Usually the flatbed trailer is equipped with 3 axles, if equipped with a fifth wheel we will find 1 axle in the front part of the trailer (steering) and 2 in the lower part, if not equipped with a fifth wheel it will be defined as "close axles" ie with all 3 axles on the rear of the trailer.

"Close axle" flatbed trailer - Flatbed trailer with fifth wheel

Trailer with sides

The agricultural trailer with sides is perhaps the most common that I can meet, it is in fact of 2 types:
- With fifth wheel (if we have a steered axle in the front and one or more fixed axles in the lower part; if formed by low sides they are mainly used in fruit growing for handling crates or bins);
- Dumpers (with high sides, are made up of one or more fixed axles in the lower part of the trailer, they are mainly used for the movement of cereals, manure, shredded etc.

They can be with fixed or tipper body (unilateral, bilateral, trilateral).
The various trailers are categorized according to the payload and the number of axles.

Trailer with fifth wheel for transporting bins - 3-axle dumper trailer

Special purpose trailers

Finally, there are trailers that have been created to perform a single operation, among which we find:
- Grape and must trailers (they are tank-shaped trailers, similar to dumpers, which are created to contain the must and grapes collected above by the grape harvester, usually they are not equipped with removable sides, in case the joints must be sealed with a special material to prevent the semi-liquid product from being lost);
- Self-loading trailers (they are trailers created to load the freshly cut green mass or slightly dried on the field, they are equipped with a front pick-up that collects the product from the ground and conveys it to the container);
- Trailer-head-holder trailers (they are small trailers made up of only the rudder, a few attachments and one or 2 axles, on which the header is placed during road movement operations are applied to the combine's towing hitch).

Grape and must transport trailer - Self-loading trailer

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