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Online Agricultural Education: European National Statute Italy

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European National Statute Italy

EUROPEAN Italy, Association of Italian Institutes for Agriculture, was established at the Basile-Caramia Agricultural Technical Institute in Locorotondo (Bari - Italy).
The principals of the Institutes of Avellino, Cividale del Friuli (Udine), Corzano (BS), Cosenza, Eboli (SA), Giarre (CT), Locorotondo (BA), Potenza, Remedello (BS), Viadana (participated as founding members). MN) and, as coordinator, the inspector Giuseppe Murolo.
The Association intends to promote the understanding between the national agricultural institutes in order to:
- to defend the didactic-operational and managerial autonomy of professional and technical institutes for agriculture and to promote activities aimed at strengthening the education and training of the integrated primary sector (agricultural production, environment, territory, agritourism activities);
- to participate in the meetings of EUROPEA International, to contribute to the achievement of the statutory purposes of said international Association.
The EUROPEA Intenational statute is accepted and approved in its current form. The collegial decisions for eventual modifications of the statute will be made by Europea Italia.
The annual fee of each participant in EUROPEA Italia will include the Italian contribution to EUROPEA International and will be decided by a majority of the participants in EUROPEA Italia.
The accession of all the institutes of the sector to the established association will be proposed and a national program coherent with the programs of EUROPEA International will be defined.
The members of the EUROPEA Italia association will meet at least once a year to draw up the annual national program.
The decisions will be valid if taken with the participation of the majority of the institutes registered in the association.

The coordinator - Inspector Giuseppe Murolo
The organizational manager - Dr. Prof. Martino Pastore

from CERERE - Review of technical and didactic problems for the agricultural address of Secondary Education
Four-monthly - Year XII N. 27 January - April 1999 - ITAS Basile - Caramia LOCOROTONDO (BA)

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